Study tips from Funka unit

Study tips from Funka unit

As a student or a teacher, we would like you to share your own best study tips. Send an e-mail to This is an email address and we will post them here. You are always welcome to our Read and write study (U1128) to discuss study techniques. Funka has drop-in on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00–12:00.


These software can be useful to you as a student.

Study techniques and how to get started

New student at Örebro University

  • On Studenttjänster you will find a lot of information. Be sure to switch language to English on top of page.
  • On Blackboard you will find instrucionts how to hand-in assignments for example.

How are your study techniques?

  • Take your time to think about your own study techniques. How does your memory work? How do you learn? When you understand your learning skills, you can improve your study techniques and maybe learn some new ones.  
  • When during the day do you function at best? Use that time to study. The rest of the time, you can exercise and hang out with your friends.
  • Do you need silence to be able to concentrate? Or noise? Does that differ regarding to what you are studying?
  • Be honest with yourself. How do you really use your time? How many effictive hours a day  do you study? What do you do with the other hours? Make sure that you use time as you really want to.
  • It is important to take breaks while you are studying. Food, rest and friends are essential to your studies as well.

Structure and organization

  • Use your phone to audio record your thoughts before you start the acutal work.
  • Be sure to read the teachers instructions and study guides carefully. Discuss with your fellow students about the instructions so that you can feel safe and assure that you are on the right track.
  • Use for example Popplet  to make digital mindmaps and get a good overlook of your work.
  • Use for example Wunderlist to gather your to-do-lists in one place.
  • Become best friend with your phone and all the possibilities it contains.
  • Take control over your phone. Decide whicis notifications and pushes you will get.. What sounds, buzzes and shows on the screen? Turn off what you need to turnf off to concentrate on the studying. Give yourself af few minutes of Snapchat or Instagram as a reward when you take a break.


  • When you are making a schedule for your studies, make sure to schedule time for rehearsing.
  • When you have read a chapter in your course literature, do one or several of the following:
    • summarise the chapter to yourself outloud.
    • write a summary of the chapter.
    • take your notes and write a new text with your own words.
    • draw a mindmap.
    • audio record your summary on your phone and listen to it while taking a walk.

Listen, read and write

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To focus and concentrate

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Keeping of documents

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