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Jeff Hearn

Title: Senior Professor School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301188

Room: F3104

Jeff Hearn

Research Subject

Research environments

About Jeff Hearn

Research profile and interests

I am originally from London, UK, and studied Geography at Oxford, Urban Planning and Sociology at Oxford Brookes, and Organisation Studies at Leeds Universities, before teaching sociology, social policy, organisations and groups, men and masculinities, and social theory at Bradford University. It was at Bradford that I also completed my PhD on social planning, social theory and theories of patriarchy, and later ended 21 years working there as head of department. In 1995 I moved to a Faculty of Social Sciences Research Chair at Manchester University based in Social Policy. Since the late 1990s I have lived in the Nordic region, mainly in Finland, where I have worked at Oslo University in Norway as professor II in sociology, Hanken School of Economics in Finland as professor of management and organisation, and Linköping University in Sweden as professor of gender studies, before transferring to Örebro in 2013.

Having worked over many years in gender studies, organisation and management studies, social policy, and sociology, I have a broad critical approach to questions of social and political change. However, the area I am probably most known for is research in the sub-field of critical studies on men and masculinities. This area I have been involved with since the late 1970s and have been genuinely surprised by how it has developed.

There are two other major areas I have worked on for a long time, namely, organisations, management and work, with special emphasis on gender, sexuality, diversity and intersectionality in and around organisations; and violence and violations, especially men's violence to women and children.

Beyond those areas, my research interests are rather wide and include: postcolonialism and transnationalisations; social theory, methodology, material-discursive analysis; autoethnography, memory work; information society and ICTs; cultural studies; embodiment and ageing. My current research focuses mainly on transnationalisations, men and masculinities, sexuality, violence, work, and organisations. The co-edited book, Rethinking Transnational Men, was published in 2013, and the authored book, Men of the World, comes out in 2015.



PhD in Social Sciences (Bradford), MA Geography (Oxford), MA Organisation Studies (Leeds), PGDipTP Urban Planning and Sociology (Oxford Brookes), FAcSS (UK Academician)

Hertfordshire County Council 1970-1972; Northampton New Town Development Corporation 1972-1973; University of Bradford 1974-1995 (Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, Head of Department); Research Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Manchester 1995-2003; Professor II, Sociology, Oslo University 1998-2001; Professor, Management and Organisation, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, 2003-, Professor of Sociology, University of Huddersfield, 2003-, Professor of Gender Studies (Critical Studies on Men), Linköping University 2005-2013; Visiting Professor in Universities of Gothenburg, Helsinki, Innsbruck, Linneus (Växjö), Sunderland, Swedish School of Economics, Tampere, Uppsala, Nijmegen.

Recent research and projects

Principal Contractor EU FP5 The European Thematic Network on Research on Men in Europe (CROME)

Partner, EU FP6 Coordination Action on Human Rights Violations (CAHRV)

Director, Vinnova 4D Doing Driving, Doing Design: http://www.tema.liu.se/tema-g/vinnova-project?l=en

Partner, with Professor Liisa Husu, EU FP7 genSET Dialogue and Action for Gender Equality and Research Excellence in European Science: http://www.genderinscience.org/

Director, with Professor Robert Morrell, Vetenskapsrådet Sweden-South Africa Research Network on Hegemonic Masculinity

Member of Scientific Committee, the EU study on The Role of Men in Gender Equality.

Member of Transversal Dialogues on Feminist Theorising and Intersectionality, with Prof Nina Lykke (Linköping University), Prof Liisa Husu and Emerita Prof Anna Jonasdottir (both Örebro University), Vetenskapsrådet (2012-16).

Member with Professor Liisa Husu, EU Project GenPORT: sharing knowledge and inspiring collaborative action on gender and science.

Recent assignments

Presentations in 28 countries

Many conference keynotes and plenary presentations, for example, at the International Sociological Association World Conference, the European Sociological Association Conference, the 26th T.H. Marshall Lecture

Co-Director of VR GEXcel Centre of Gender Excellence

Leader, GEXcel Theme 2 "Deconstructing the Hegemony of Men and Masculinities" and Theme 9 "Gendered sexualed transnationalisations", leading to five GEXcel Work in Progress Reports

Co-editor, NORMA: The International Journal of Masculinity Studies

Corresponding editor, Men and Masculinities

Co-managing editor, Routledge Advances in Feminist Studies and Intersectionality book series

Associate editor, Gender, Work & Organization

Member of editorial advisory boards of many other journals, including Journal of Gender Studies, Social Currents, Sexualities, Leadership, Gender in Management, Sociology Compass, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Member of Academic Board and Selection Committee, EDDA, the Icelandic Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence on Equality, Diversity, Development, Advancement

Co-Chair and Member of Executive Board, GEXcel Collegium of Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies

Chairperson, Transitional Executive Committee (2014-15), RINGS (The International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies)

Highlighted publications:

The Gender of Oppression (Wheatsheaf, StMartin's Press, 1987)

'Sex' at 'Work' (with Wendy Parkin, Wheatsheaf, St. Martin’s Press, 1987; Prentice Hall/St Martin's Press, 1995)

Men in the Public Eye (Routledge, 1992)

Men as Managers, Managers As Men (edited with David Collinson, 1996)

The Violences of Men (Sage, 1998)

Consuming Cultures: Power and Resistance (edited with Sasha Roseneil, Macmillan, St Martin’s Press, New York, 1999)

Transforming Politics: Power and Resistance (edited with Paul Bagguley, Macmillan. St Martin’s Press, 1999)

Information Society and the Workplace: Spaces, Boundaries and Agency (co-editor with Tuula Heiskanen, Routledge, 2004)

Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Organizations (with Wendy Parkin, Sage, 2001)

Handbook of Studies on Men and Masculinities (edited with Michael Kimmel and Raewyn Connell, Sage, 2005)

Men and Masculinities in Europe (with Keith Pringle et al., Whiting & Birch 2006, 2nd ed. 2013)

European Perspectives on Men and Masculinities
(with Keith Pringle and members of CROME, Palgrave Macmillan 2006/2009)

Sex, Violence and the Body: The Erotics of Wounding
(edited with Viv Burr, Palgrave Macmillan)

Managers Talk About Gender (with Rebecca Piekkari and Marjut Jyrkinen, Edita, 2009)

The Limits of Gendered Citizenship (edited with Elzbieta Oleksy and Dorota Golanska, Routledge, 2011)

Men and Masculinities around the World: Transforming Men's Practices (edited with Elisabetta Ruspini, Bob Pease and Keith Pringle, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)

Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality (with Elli Scambor et al., European Commission, 2013)

Rethinking Transnational Men (edited with Marina Blagojević and Katherine Harrison, Routledge, 2013)

Men of the World: Genders, Globalizations, Transnational Times (Sage, 2015)

Edited/co-edited journal special issues include

Gender, Work and Organization (1998) on qualitative studies on ambiguity, contradiction and paradox.

Women in Management Review (2006) (with Adelina Broadbridge) on Women in Management: Perspectives from the European Academy of Management

Sexualities (2007) (with Robert Morrell, Deevia Bhana and Relebohile Moletsane) on sexualities in Southern Africa

NORMA: The Nordic Journal of Masculinity Studies (2007) On the implications of theoretical debates on masculinity for the life course, and debates on the life course for masculinity life course research.

British Journal of Management (2008) (with Adelina Broadbridge) on new research directions in gender and management

International Studies on Men, Masculinities and Gender Equality: An Emerging Focus of Research and Policy?, special issue, Men and Masculinities, Vol. 17(5), 2014.

Men, Masculinities and Young People: North-South Dialogues, special issue co-edited with K. Ratele and T. Shefer, NORMA: International Journal of Masculinity Studies, Vol. 10, 2015.

Challenging Men and Masculinities: the Czech Context and Beyond, co-edited with I. Smídová and I. Vodochodský, Gender, rovné přiležitotosti, výzkum [Gender, Equal Opportunities, Research], Vol. 16, 2015.

120+ articles in refereed international journals, for example, Sociology; Sociological Review; Organization; Organization Studies;British Journal of Management; The Journal of Business Ethics; Gender, Work & Organization; Feminist Theory; Political Geog.; Policy & Politics; Violence & Victims; Violence Against Women; Theory & Society; Current Sociology.

590+ published items in all. Published in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.


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Articles in journals

Hearn, J. & Lämsä, A. (2016). Tasa-arvon maailmanmestaruuteen vielä matkaa. Kaleva (7/3).
Niemistö, C. , Hearn, J. & Jyrkinen, M. (2016). Age and generations in everyday organisational life: neglected intersections in studying organisations. International Journal of Work Innovation, 1 (4), 353-374.
Blake, V. , Hearn, J. , Jackson, B. , Johnson, R. & Luczynski, Z. (2016). Doing memory work with older men: the practicalities, the process, the potential. Working With Older People, 20 (4), 209-213.
Jewkes, R. , Morrell, R. , Hearn, J. , Lundqvist, E. , Blackbeard, D. , Lindegger, G. , Quayle, M. , Sikweyiya, Y. & et al. (2015). Hegemonic masculinity: combining theory and practice in gender interventions. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 17 (Suppl. 2), 96-111.
Hearn, J. & Šmidová, I. (2015). The multiple empires of men. Gender and research, 16 (1), 74-82.
Hearn, J. (2015). Men’s health and well-being: the case against a separate field. International Journal of Men's Health, 14 (3), 301-314.
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Swahnberg, K. , Davidsson-Simmons, J. , Hearn, J. & Wijma, B. (2012). Men’s experiences of emotional, physical and sexual violence and abuse, and abuse in health care: a cross-sectional study of a Swedish random male population sample. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 40 (2), 191-202.
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Articles, book reviews

Hearn, J. (2016). Review of: Manhood Acts: Gender and the Practices of Domination. Men and Masculinities, 19 (4), 429-431.
Hearn, J. (2013). Femininity at Work: Gender, Labour and Changing Relations of Power in a Swedish Hospital. European Societies: The Official Journal of the European Sociological Association, 15 (5), 783-785.

Articles, reviews/surveys


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Chapters in books

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