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Liisa Husu

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Gender relations and gender dynamics in work, careers, professions, leadership, different types of organisations and organising, working life and labour market are a wide-ranging and expanding research field. At a time of rapid and extensive global, economical, technological and organisational changes, more knowledge is needed and called for regarding the meanings and impacts of these changes for gender relations at workplaces and in other organisations. How gender and intersecting social divisions are forming and formed by work, professions, working places and organisations in different societal, political, economic and legislative contexts is a key question in this research field. This includes the relations between employees and organisations, employee relations, relations between workers and clients, and the relation of work, caring responsibilities and private life. Different organisational forms and old and new strategies to govern and implement public policy, through equality policies (as gender mainstreaming, equality mainstreaming or ‘anti- discrimination’ mainstreaming) are examined, as well as the role of civil servants. Gender theoretical knowledge on leadership is explored, for example, by studying how different gatekeepers, leaders and key actors contribute to the production, reproduction or challenging of gender relations within organisations.