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Policy for quality assurance

The University's quality and operational planning is the core of the quality system. The systematic quality assurance work contributes to the attainment of the goals that are expressed in the vision and strategies.

The University's most important competitive tool is quality. Quality in education, research and collaboration is the guiding principle and part of the basic values that serve as our foundation. An established culture of quality throughout the organisation is essential. Likewise, everything that we do should be characterised by quality.

The driving force of the University's evolvement is the University management's, students' and co-workers' individual and collective engagement and capacity for review, evolvement and critical evaluation. In our organisation we will strive to meet the demands and expectations put on us in a purposive way.

Faculty boards

The Faculty Boards are central to the quality assurance and enhancement work. Their task is to ensure that research and education are of the highest quality. They are therefore responsible for maintaining and guaranteeing quality assurance and strategy for quality enhancement in their respective areas.