Voices of ORU

A spirit of development is present in every aspect of our operations. We strive to be an attractive place for work and studies where students and employees will get a sense of pride and satisfaction from being part of Örebro University. Here are a few voices from ORU!

Interview with Dimitri Beeckman

"We share the importance of open and creative collaboration"

Dimitri Beeckman worked in Australia and England before coming to Örebro University as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Interview with Carolin Zorell

"It’s easy to work across disciplinary boundaries"

Carolin Zorell had studied and researched in Germany, the US and UK before her postdoctoral appointment within Örebro University.

Interview with Amy Loutfi

From exchange student to professor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Amy Loutfi came to Örebro University as an exchange student from Canada already in 1999 – and returned as a doctoral student. At the age of 37, she was appointed professor of information technology – and now she is also Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation at Örebro University.

Photo of Ravi Chadalavada

“I’m amazed by how much Sweden contributes to the world through breakthrough innovations for the country’s small size."

Sweden’s strong innovative force is one of the reasons why Ravi Chadalavada chose to come here. But an interesting doctoral student position in computer science led him to choose Örebro University.

Photo of Kaya Tuerxun

"I work with a team of really great people at Örebro University"

Kaya Tuerxun moved from China to Sweden when she discovered the Master's programme in Immunology at Örebro University with close links to healthcare.

Photo of Robert Brummer

"At Örebro University, there’s a positive work culture with mutual respect."

Professor Robert Brummer, a physician and researcher in gastroenterology and nutrition, left Holland to assist in setting up the medical school at Örebro University almost fifteen years ago.