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Every day our students, alumni, teachers and researchers are making a telling contribution to society, business and science. With your help, we can reach higher, achieve more.

Your support can take many forms. For example, you might want to donate money to one of our many leading research programmes, mentor a student or host a work-place visit. The opportunities to be involved and add your strength to ours are boundless. And all are appreciated.

What would you like to do?

Hands up for volunteering your time

Hands up if you love volunteers!

Donating your time or expertise can be fun, rewarding and make a real difference to our work and students.

The sky's the limit with your support

The sky's the limit

Donating money, services or equipment to your University can have a huge impact on how high and far we can fly, as well as the impact we can have within the communities we serve. No matter if you're an individual, business or foundation - we look forward to hearing about your philanthropic interests and how we can work together.