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Volunteering your time and expertise

Donate your time to supporting students

Thanks for thinking about donating your time and expertise to the University.

Many people mistake philanthropy as something just involving money, or wealthy donors, but it's not. It's something we can all do and enjoy through a gift of time, expertise and enthusiasm.

We don't have a volunteer programme you need to join, simply let us know if any of these examples make you think 'I could do that!' or 'we should do that!'

Some of the ways alumni and businesses volunteer...

As an individual

  • Are you an expert in an area and interested in giving a lecture to students?
  • Could you provide expertise and insights to a student through mentoring, within Mentor Match for example?
  • Would you like to organise or host an alumni event in your area?
  • Do you have specific expertise you'd like to offer that could help the University - for example, by sitting on an advisory board?
  • Something else entirely?

As a business or organisation

  • Could you host a work-place visit for students?
  • Do you have a challenge students could work on for a thesis?
  • Can you provide opportunities for work or teaching experience?
  • Are you interested in offering an internship?
  • Would you like to give feedback on the relevancy of our education to your industry sector?
  • Are there materials or case studies you could provide for use in education?
  • Could you host an alumni event at your workplace?
  • Could you offer a discount or benefit for Örebro University alumni?
  • Something else?

Have a question about volunteering? Chat to:

Tim Stubbings

Position: Coordinator School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Tim Stubbings

Email: dGltLnN0dWJiaW5ncztvcnUuc2U=

Phone: +46 19 303158

Room: E2210

Tim Stubbings