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Collaborate with our researchers

AI researcher Federico Pecora working in the robotics lab.

Do you have an idea that you would like to develop with the help of research at Örebro University? Or do you own a company, where perhaps a collaboration might be the way forward for developing and taking your product or service to the next level? Örebro University can help develop and make the most of ideas from both education, research and society. You can get support as well as access to valuable contacts within academia.

This is how you can collaborate with our researchers

Researchers discussing with two industry representatives in the robotic lab.

Research consultancy services

Through our research consultancy services at Örebro University, we help to match your organisation’s needs with one of our researchers.

Picture showing a bubble in front of a plant.

License Bank

Find innovations that are ready to be put into production or use – beginning tomorrow.

Two people shaking hands.

Senior lecturers

Senior lecturers for external collaboration at Örebro University serve as a link between academia and the business community.

Research consultancy services

Camilla Nicander

Position: Innovation Advisor School/office: Örebro University Holding AB

Profile page: Camilla Nicander

Email: Y2FtaWxsYS5uaWNhbmRlcjtvcnUuc2U=

Phone: +46 19 303270

Room: IA2001

Camilla Nicander

AI and robotics

Erik Schaffernicht

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology

Profile page: Erik Schaffernicht

Email: ZXJpay5zY2hhZmZlcm5pY2h0O29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 19 303227

Room: T1211

Erik Schaffernicht