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Collaborate with our students

Students sitting outside in the sun on campus.

We help you get in touch with our students, whether you are interested in using students as a resource or to market your organisation as a potential employer. Among other things, we offer activities where you get to meet and build relationships with students. You can also reach students via our job pool for students.

This is how you can collaborate with our students

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Find students to join your team

Are you looking for students for full-time, part-time or summer jobs? Advertise with Örebro University’s job pool for students.

Students working on a case.

Develop ideas with students

Does your business have a particular challenge that would benefit from a student's perspective and proposal for a solution?

Students sitting with an employer for a round-table discussion.

Meet a professional

A round-table discussion where students get to speak with specially invited employers about occupations, opportunities and the future.

Student Sara Borg and her supervisor Nadine Krips at the multi-national company Epiroc.

Student consultancy services

Through student consultancy services, you, as an employer, can hire students for specific and specialised or advanced assignments during their studies.

Exhibitors and students at Campusmässan.


Campusmässan is Örebro University’s campus-wide job fair. Learn more about how you, as an employer, can sign up as an exhibitor at Campusmässan.


Mentor Match

Our Mentor Match programme brings together talented and motivated students with carefully selected alumni and friends.

Students at Kårhuset

Further ways of getting in touch with students

Here you can discover further ways of getting in touch with our students.

Karin Collén

Title: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Karin Collén


Phone: +46 19 303237

Room: E2222

Karin Collén

Kajsa-Stina Pettersson

Title: - School/office: Örebro University Holding AB

Profile page: Kajsa-Stina Pettersson


Phone: +46 19 303199

Room: IA1012

Kajsa-Stina Pettersson

Mattias Dyrvik

Title: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Mattias Dyrvik


Phone: +46 19 303802

Room: E2220

Mattias Dyrvik