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Research consultancy services – rent a researcher

A researcher is talking with two representatives from a local company.

Our research consultancy services spread knowledge from research and education to create the right conditions for growth and development. We can match your organisation’s needs and challenges with researchers who have awareness and knowledge within your specific field. Together we draw up the guidelines for the project, which is financed by you, the client.

A research consultancy service may be designed in a number of ways, but basically, one or more researchers one or more researchers at Örebro University or another university takes on a project from an external partner, or client. The external partner may be a company, the public sector or an organisation/foundation.

Research consultancy services are offered to meet the needs within organisations. Our researcher’s leading-edge competence may be the key to the organisation’s continued development or to meeting a societal challenge. Perhaps a lecture or a research summary providing the organisation with the knowledge it is seeking in order to develop. Getting support in building an organisation’s activities on a scientific foundation, or having a process leader with an academic background, are other examples of research consultancy services.

Often the researcher(s) is employed by Örebro universitet Uppdrag AB and works as a consultant at/with the external partner. Still, sometimes the researcher conducts the project as part of their work at the university. Regardless of which arrangement, it is the client who is responsible for financing the project. The project’s setup and budget are clearly regulated in a contract between the client and the researcher.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about research consultancy services.

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