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Music Tech Fest – AI and music at Örebro University

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In collaboration with Örebro University's AI Impact Lab, the international event Music Tech Fest was held in Örebro in the fall of 2019.

As a warm up for the main festival in Stockholm, this two-day event offered an exclusive group of participants a programme filled with AI and music. Rewarding workshops, inspirational talks and exclusive performances inspired everyone in this constellation, regardless of which school, subject, or programme they came from.

Music Tech Fest AI Lab

Under the theme Humans in da loop, the participants pushed their innovative boundaries in an interdisciplinary collaboration. During a two-day lab, students, musicians, programmers and more, met to brainstorm new ideas, and create new prototypes involving music and tech. 

Music Tech Fest showcased a series of AI and human-centric projects which have addressed essential challenges such as communication and accessibility, and used those as a starting point for further exploration of collaborative and human-centric AI. The pioneering projects include the groundbreaking neural networks of Dadabots in collaboration with Reeps One and Drumcorps; the winner of the KTH Innovation Grand Prize the LoopFree accessibility project with DJ Arthro; and AccentsInMotion creating a Dance AI novel system for language and movement.

Music Tech Fest Trackathon

Taking place parallel to this was the MTF Trackathon. Organised together with the School of Music, Theatre and Art, producers, songwriters and artists were challenged to create a song in a 24-hour workshop. Graham Massey (808 State) helped mentor the students. The winning tracks will be released to raise money for charity and the overall winner get to pick that charity. 

Örebro University is strengthening the region’s growth within artificial intelligence with the AI Impact Lab. It will serve as a meeting point at the university where companies and the public sector can update themselves on the latest developments within AI.

In collaboration with Alfred Nobel Science Park and ORU Innovation Arena, AI Impact Lab will coordinate communication and collaboration programmes between researchers and students at the university with external actors, as well as create activities that will bring them together as an innovation system, helping them upgrade their services and organisations within AI.

Read more about the university's work within AI here.

AI Impact Lab is a part of AI Innovation of Sweden.

Logotyp för AI Innovation of Sweden

Launched in 2012, Music Tech Fest is the global festival of music ideas and a giant creative laboratory featuring cutting-edge performances, music hacking, and industry showcases that connect artists, technologists and business in a vibrant environment.

Unique collaborations, new works created on site, premieres of future technology, and a visionary community, make each event an exciting landmark gathering. MTF is cross-genre, international, enriching and inclusive.


  • 18:45 Arrival and Welcome. Michela Magas (MTF) & Prof. Amy Loutfi (Örebro University)
  • 19:30 AI and Music presentations by international MTF experts
  • 22:00 Finish


  • 09:15 Coffee
  • 09:30 MTF AI Labs begins
  • 10:30 MTF Trackathon: Graham Massey (808 State), Andrew Dubber (MTF), Jan
  • Sparby (Örebro) introduce the challenge.
  • 11:00 MTF Trackathon: Music rights in the digital age - Niclas Molinder
  • 12:00 MTF Trackathon 24-hour competition begins
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15:30 Fika
  • 19:30 Dinner + AI and Music presentations by international MTF experts
  • 22:00 MTF AI Labs close for the night. MTF Trackathon continues.


  • 09:15 Coffee
  • 09:30 MTF AI Labs begins
  • 12:00 MTF 24-hour Trackathon ends
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15:30 Fika
  • 18:00 MTF AI Labs ends + Dinner
  • 19:00 MTF Örebro showcase and performances
    Live podcast recording: "Humans in da Loop"
    Andrew Dubber interviews Amy Loutfi, Michela Magas and Niclas Molinder
    MTF AI Labs showcase
    MTF Trackathon presentations and awards
    Graham Massey (808 State) solo performance
    MTF Örebro All Stars performances
  • 22:00 MTF Örebro ends

Mattias Dyrvik

Position: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

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Mattias Dyrvik
Music Tech Fest.

AI + music = innovation

This weekend, Music Tech Fest descended on Örebro University. Some 70 artists, AI researchers and students came together with the goal of creating innovation.

Amy Loutfi smiles for the camera.

“Hoping to sow seeds for innovations”

Amy Loutfi, pro-vice-chancellor for AI at Örebro University, on why she thinks Music Tech fest is an important event for the university.