Competence development for professionals

We call it competence development for professionals. You might say professional education or personnel development - regardless of which, Örebro University can contribute in your development process.

Professional education

The form of an professional education varies according to what competence you need and how you want to complete the education. 

Profile areas

Our task is to offer the best possible competence development to the business sector, the public sector and organizations.

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Coordinator of professional education

Camilla Ulvmyr

Position: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Camilla Ulvmyr


Phone: +46 19 303381

Room: E2202

Camilla Ulvmyr

Coordinator of professional education in AI

Johan Axelsson

Position: Coordinator School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Johan Axelsson


Phone: +46 19 303211

Room: E2204

Johan Axelsson