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Agneta Anderzen-Carlsson

Position: Adjunct Professor School/office: School of Health Sciences

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Agneta Anderzen-Carlsson
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About Agneta Anderzen-Carlsson

Agneta Anderzén Carlsson is a paediatric nurse, PhD and associate professor in Medical Sciences, specialising in Health Sciences at Örebro University. Agneta is affiliated to the research subject Disability Research at the university. She holds a position as research supervisor at the University Health Care Reseach Center at Region Örebro County, and also conducts some research at the Audiological Research Center at the University Hospital.


Agneta is primary teaching qualitative methods, on various levels.


Agneta’s research is mainly focused on human experiences. For example, experiences of being a patient, a next-of-kin or a health-care staff. Thus, she primarily uses qualitative methods. She has two major research interests; the health and wellbering of children and families as well as psycho-social research with and about people with deafblindness.


Agneta is member of the International Editorial Board (IEB) for the Journal of Child Health Care. She is a referee for several journals, and on regular basis she participates in examination committees and as external reviewer at Swedish universities.

Agneta is the principal supervisor for two doctoral students admitted for PhD studies at Örebro University, and she is also assistant supervisor for four doctoral students; three at Örebro University and one at the University of Oslo, Norway.  

Ongoing Research and research collaboration, in brief

Deafblindness. Agneta is a member of a multi-disciplinary research group focusing on various aspects of living with deafblindness. Collaboration partners are researchers at Jönköping University, Föreningen Sveriges Dövblinda and Nationellt kunskapscenter för dövblindfrågor.

Pectus excacavatum. The aim of this PhD project is to study the quality of life and experience of daily life when having Pectus excavatum. It also includes translation and psychometric evaluation of two disease-specific questionnaires. 

CYP-PREMs. The overall aim of this PhD project is to facilitate for children giving voice to their experiences as a patient. First, we conducted a cross-sectional study about how Swedish paediatric departments facilitate for children to give voice to their experiences. Second, we have translated the British questionnaire Children and Young People’s experience measure to Swedish, and are currently conducting cognitive interviews with children about the comprehensiveness of the Swedish version.

The Step-by step programme for people with obesity [Steg för steg]. The overall aim with this PhD-project is to study expereinces of living with obesity and to evaluate different treatment options for overweight/obesity. 

Pain in children with cerebral palsy 0-18 years old - Do we care? The CPPain- project. This international multicentre project is led by RN, PhD Randi Dovland Andersen at Sjukhuset i Telemark, Norway.

To hear or not to hear- the listening situation for older people living at residential homes. [Att höra eller inte höra. Hörselsituation på boenden för äldre personer]. Collaboration project between Region Örebro County, Örebro University, Region Värmland and Karlstad University. The primary aim with the project is to translate and validate a Norwegian questionnaire about professionals’ knowledge, competence and skills regarding hearing and hearing aids for older people living in residential homes. Thereafter, the older adults and the professionals are to be interviewed, and finally, the results from these studies will be used for planning an educational intervention.


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