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Ann-Catrin Kristianssen

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303409

Room: F2211

Ann-Catrin Kristianssen
Research subject

About Ann-Catrin Kristianssen

Research focus

Kristianssen (Ph.D in Political Science) is currently working with material from three research projects. Kristianssen has since fall 2016 been involved in a research project focusing on global, national and local road safety policy with a focus on Vision Zero. This project will during 2020-2022 focus on the implementation of Vision Zero in local settings. Kristianssen is also conducting a study on road safety and disability together with Camilla Warnicke, research leader with a focus on Disability studies at the University hospital, Örebro. Kristianssen is also involved in a project on road safety in Latin America together with Veronica De Majo Ph.D. student in Political Science at Örebro University. 

Kristianssen was during 2018 also contributing to a project at the Centre for Climate and Safety at Karlstad University focusing on climate adaptation policies in Swedish municipalites.

During 2019-2022 Kristianssen conducts a study on interreligious councils in Swedish municipalities and has also performed a shadowing study at the interreligious council at Örebro municipality.

Kristianssen was during 2014-2016 involved in a research project studying municipal service centers in Sweden.

The dissertation from 2011 focuses on identity politics and planning in Jerusalem.

Kristianssen's main research interest is the role of ideas and agenda-setting in policy-making in a broad perspective and has previously written about the role of Jerusalem in the Israel/Palestine conflict, identity politics and the state, and good governance as well as reform processes and policy diffusion.

Teaching areas

Main teaching areas are policy analysis, international and comparative politics, planning and planning roles, method, and thesis supervising on all levels.


Kristianssen was during 2017 a visiting scholar at the Centre for Public Safety and the Centre for Climate and Safety, Karlstad University.


Director of studies in Political Science 2012-2013

Member of the Swedish Political Science Association board 2012-2016

Member of the Peace Research in Sweden board 2016-2019

Assistant manager at the unit SKUS 2021-


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