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Road safety work in Latin America

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In progress 2018 - 2019


Ann-Catrin Kristianssen

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The project is focusing on the how road safety measures are implemented in a Latin American context, based on two cases. The first case is Argentina, a state that has performed major changes in its road safety work and that has adopted Vision Zero as a road safety program. The purpose of this first study is to examine how this change came about, how Vision Zero is interpreted in an Argentinian context, and challenges during this process. The study is expected to provide more knowledge on what happens institutionally and ideationally when a program is transferred from one context to another. The study can also serve as a source of knowledge for other states planning to adopt Vision Zero. The conclusions in the study are based on policy documents and interviews. The second study is performed during 2019 and focusing on the city of Bogotá in Colombia. Many actors on both local and international level, such as the World Bank, World Resources Institute, Bloomberg Philantrophies and the FIA Foundation, are involved in road safety projects in the city. The purpose of the project is to study how this collaboration is organized and handled by both international organizations and local actors. The study has a multi-level perspective and is related to urban sustainability perspectives as can be found in sustainability goals regarding road safety in the urban environment. The study will increase the knowledge about collaboration and governance perspectives in a developing context as well as pros and cons regarding multi-actor involvement in local road safety work.

The conclusions of the study are based on interviews and various types of documents. Both studies will be performed by Veronica de Majo, at Örebro University and these studies will increase our knowledge about road safety work and also on the diffusion of Vision Zero to other contexts.