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Social equality and road safety - a pilot study on disability and Vision Zero for road safety

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In progress 2018 - 2019


Ann-Catrin Kristianssen

Research subject

The project is based on the broader issues of social sustainability and social equality and the study is focusing on the relation between road safety policy in Sweden and disabilities. The study will be performed during 2019 and end June 2020. The purpose of the project is to perform a study on policy documents on the national level in order to reveal whether disability is an integrated issue within the Swedish Vision Zero for road safety and if so, in what way. There are a few studies on disability and road safety in Sweden but few have focused on the policy program of Vision Zero and there is a need for an overview of how different disabilities are handled within the Vision Zero program. Departing from a theoretical framework on social equality, a policy analysis will be performed on the content of the policy documents and the analysis is based on different phases of the policy process. 1. How is the the basic problem described concerning the relation between disability and road safety? 2. How are specific policies formulated? 3 How and by who are policy decisions made? 4. How and by who are the policies implemented? 5. How and by who are the policies directed towards disability and road safety evaluated? The study is performed by Ann-Catrin Kristianssen, lecturer in Political Science at Örebro University and Camilla Warnicke, Research supervisor at the Region Örebro County research centre (UFC). The project will hopefully broaden the knowledge about the relation between disability and road safety as well as deepening our knowledge about current research within this field.