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Local implementation of Vision Zero for road safety

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In progress 2019 - 2020


Ann-Catrin Kristianssen

Research subject

The project is focusing on the implementation of Vision Zero for road safety on the local level and particularly in municipalities. There are indications in current research that the strategic policy-making related to Vision Zero is performed at the national level in Sweden and that it is unclear how the national and local authorities collaborate regarding road safety. The project aims to study how Swedish municipalities work with road safety and particularly Vision Zero. A key topic is how they incorporate road safety work with agenda 2030 and the sustainability goals related to road safety. The main material is a survey material covering Swedish municipalities and the purpose of the project is also to make international comparisons and to help drawing the boundaries of a forthcoming comparative case study. Semi-structured interviews and policy documents will also be added to the material analyzed. The project also includes coordination of a growing Swedish research network regarding broader social science research on road safety.