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Izabela Dahl

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 302445

Room: F3147

Izabela Dahl

About Izabela Dahl

My research interests and educational activities often apply critical discourse and dispositive analysis, intersectionality as well as the use of narrative and oral sources in historiography. Those theoretical and methodological approaches help me to study history of migration and integration, processes of belonging and exclusion, exile and refuge at the local level and at the level of their representations. My empirical studies reflect my core interests in history of anti-Semitism, Jewish history and European memory culture where questions regarding social categorisations and power-relations are essential for understanding cultural and social contexts. Social constructivism and feminist perspective are crucial preconditions of my investigations of the past.

Political and diplomatic history are in focus of my current research interests. Cold War history and international relations in the Baltic Sea region can be studied in a nutshell using the example of bilateral relations between Poland and Sweden. According to the records collected by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussions regarding Swedish neutrality are an important part of the contacts between Sweden and Poland - two coutries belonging to two blocs - representing West and East in terms of the divided policy at that time. Why was Swedish neutrality important for Poland after Stalin’s death and  what consequenses did it have for the dialogue between the two countries, are questions which I am currently studying.  The answers to those questions will contribute to better understanding of Sweden's foreign policy at that time and its contribution to the revitalisation of the dialogue between East and West. The plan is to increase the source-based-knowledge of Swedish and Polish involvement in peace policy solutions in Europe and identify early Swedish aid to the Polish democracy movement.