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Thomas Barow

The research environment Special Education, Development and Learning is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research environment that is open to participants from different faculties.  Research orientations in the environment focus on questions about what knowledge, teaching and learning are, for whom and how this comes about.  Research conducted in the environment includes an interest in the relationship between individual and society and socio-political aspects of education and learning. Research therefore often concerns aspects of accessibility, participation, inclusion and exclusion at different levels in the education system.

The research community hosts two research groups. Researchers within these groups collaborate in near lying problem areas or projects. Research is ongoing within these groups. The environment also has three seminars per semester when we meet on common development issues and texts produced in the environment. The research that is conducted mainly concerns the following research areas:

  • Childrens’ and Students' perspective on special support
  • Speech, hearing, communication and language
  • Math difficulties
  • Aspects of feedback and assessment
  • Policy and values
  • ICT as an aid
  • Collaboration and student health
  • Children and students' disabilities
  • The school meal

The research group's participants are active with research projects, seminar activities, application and article writing, editing, review work, national and international collaboration as well as arranging and participating in conferences.

National networks that researchers participate in: 

  • International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) - Sverige
  • Socio Political Aspects of Mathematics Education (SOCAME)
  • Children Health Intervention Learning Development (CHILD)
  • Network of Educational Transitions in Sweden (NETS)
  • Swedish network on disability studies
  • Center for Disability Reserarch
  • DHOPP and network for Translanguaging
  • Research on children with cochlea

International networks that researchers participate in:

  • European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (ERME)
  • The NOrdic Research network on Special needs education in MAthematics (NORSMA)
  • European Early  Childhood  Education Research Association (EECERA)
    Society for Text and Discourse
  • The European Federation of Associations of Teachers of the Deaf, FEAPDA

Researchers also cooperate with researchers from Denmark, Norway, Luxemburg, Germany, USA and England.