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Marie Matérne

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Marie Matérne
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About Marie Matérne

Marie Matérne is a registered health care counsellor and a PhD in disability Research, she is affiliated to Social Work at Örebro University. She is a research supervisor at the University Health care research center and business developer in habilitation at Region Örebro County. She has previously worked, among other things, with habilitation and rehabilitation as a manager.


Marie Matérne's research involves people with disabilities from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Her project is about:

  • People affected by stroke and aspects of quality of life, resilience and physical, social, psychological and cognitive functions. The results of her research shows, among other things, that people with stroke do not accept their disability but adapt their lives to their abilities. The health care counsellor has an important role in the rehabilitation process.

  • A new project about young women with TBI and their need of rehabilitation from a psychosocial perspecitve a collaboration between Australia and Sweden. 

  • People with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD), in a method called water dance. Here, the results shows that the method promotes interaction and that individually adapted goals (goal attainment scale) are met in many cases.

  • Residential care staff and managers perceive that they act as a coordinator for people with PIMD and thereby increase the quality of care. An ongoing study examines the same question but from a relatives perspective. A new study is developing an instrument to secure the Qulaity of care for people with PIMD. 

  • Implementation aspects within businesses that work with interventions for people with disabilities is often dependent on contextual factors. How and what these factors are is what this PhD students project is about.

  • How is the work environment affected for interpreters who work with remote interpreting from Swedish sign language on distance? What do the users of the service think about its quality and usability?

  • Which theories are used in health care counsellors theses and how are they used. 

Marie Matérne also collaborates with international researchers.


  • The program for health care counsellor, Örebro University.
  • Assignment training on habilitation, advanced level in collaboration with the University of Dalarna.
  • Habilitation training on the web in collaboration with the Mid-Swedish region.
  • Group supervisor at the medical school, Örebro University.
  • Teaching scientific approach for ST doctors, University Health Research Centre.

Supervisor assignment

Supervisor for doctoral students, at the University Health Research Center, Region Örebro County

Master theses on the Health Care counsellor program, Örebro University

Bachelor theses on the social worker program, Örebro University

Specialist theses for psychologists, Stockholm, Psykologförbundet

Other assignments

Member of the board of Habilitation Research within the middle Swedish Region

Investigation on a national competence center for people with traumatic brain injury

Member of the board of the stroke team congress

Social Impact lab, Waterdance 2022, Örebro University

Member of the board in Hjärnskadefonden, advising in decision about applications

Member of the board in The International Network of Social Workers in Acquired brain injury (INSWABI)

Representative in the Swedish network for disability researchers

Member of the Council for Medical Knowledge Management, Region Örebro County

Representative in the Nordic Network on Disability Research

Telephone: +46703529350


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