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Mialinn Arvidsson-Lindvall

Stroke is the disease of the elderly, four- fifths are over 60 years old. The average age for first-time illness in Sweden is 74 years for men, and 78 years for women and there are about 25,000 people in Sweden who fall ill every year. Stroke incidence has decreased, but prevalence is likely to increase, due to milder stroke severity and increased life expectancy. Stroke is the somatic disease that causes the most care days in hospitals in Sweden. Through its mixed population, size, and location in the country, Kumla municipality provides a good opportunity for a cross-sectional study with the aim of evaluating care after a stroke. The project has an interdisciplinary approach as teamwork in stroke care provides the best conditions for good care.

The purpose is to map and analyze stroke survivors' medical, functional and social situation. The goal is to improve care after a stroke.     

Research funding bodies

  • The Research Committee in Region Örebro Council