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Social work and care in a life-course

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Maria Bennich

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Social work and care in a life-course is a research group that studies social and individual aspects of the elderly and aging, impairment and disability, mental illness, and recovery processes in today's society. This includes issues relating to formal care within the framework of need assessment, organization, and the involvement of civil society, as well as issues relating to informal care, such as family and relatives' care. This is studied based on a life-course, which means children, young people, adults, and the elderly.

Recovery processes, rehabilitation, and habilitation, at individual, group and societal level are studied from different theoretical and methodological perspectives, both from a national and international context. The research group is inspired by an interdisciplinary perspective in studies of social support for people in vulnerable situations where the goal is accessibility, participation, and equal living conditions in society for the target groups studied.