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Sarah Granberg

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In the research group projects are being conducted that highlight the relationship between people with different types of disabilities and the surrounding society. It can, for example, be about disability in school or working life, but also leisure and living, and how accessibility in the environment and social support affect the individual's conditions for everyday functioning and participation. It can also be about how the environment, such as noise, affects the functionality and health of individuals.

The research conducted by the group often has a bio-psycho-social approach, which simply means that we strive for a multidimensional view in relation to the individual's disability. The projects shed light on the complex interplay that prevails between the individual's physical and mental abilities, the various activities that the individual performs in daily life, and factors in the surroundings and the environment that in some way have an impact on the individual, the activity, and the individual's participation in the activity. Health and health promotion in the relationship individual-environment or environment-individual are also central concepts and aspects that are considered in the group's various research projects.

Additional member of the research group: Kajsa Jerlinder, Högskolan i Gävle (HiG).A globe made of puzzle pieces and silhouettes of people in the foreground.