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Sara Thunberg

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303824

Room: L2339

Sara Thunberg
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About Sara Thunberg

Sara Thunberg is a trained social worker and PhD in social work. She has been working at Örebro University since 2013.


Sara Thunberg mainly teaches on courses within the Social Work Program and other courses within social work. She mainly teaches within the courses Children, Violence and Social Work I, Child-Parent Relationships in Societies and Families, and To Perform Treament in Institutional or Non-Institutional Settings. She also regularly work as a supervisor for bachelor theses in social work.

Research focus

Sara Thunberg's research mainly focus on post-victimization support for youth crime victims, and especially the matching between youths' needs of support after victimization and available support in society. Her research include national aspects as well as international aspects and comparisons.

Together with colleagues, Sara Thunberg was awarded a research grant from Forte to evaluate the model Efter barnförhöret. The model focus on supporting children who has been interviewed by the police due to suspicions of child abuse. The project is ongoing 2022-2026.

Right now Sara Thunberg is working within the research project Article 19: What sheltered housing means for abused children. The project is financed by Brottsoffermyndigheten and Stiftelsen Allmänna Barnhuset.

Previously, Sara Thunberg have been studying post-victimization support in general, but mainly to adults. Specifically, focus has been on collaboration between the public and nongovernmental sectors, and the social services responsibility for post-victimization support. Also, she studies how post-victimization support can be used as a preventive measure.


As of 2019, Sara Thunberg is a member in the Management Commitee for the COST Action CA18121, which focus on cultural victimology. The action aim to strengthen the European Victimology Network, and is financed by the EU, European Cooperation in Science & Technology.

She is also a part of the Working Group on Victimology, which is a European network of researchers studying different aspects of victimization.

Sara Thunberg also collaborates with researchers in Germany, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, and Belgium.


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