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Children's living conditions and well-being (BLIVA)

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Björn Johansson

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In the interdisciplinary research group Children's living conditions and well-being - BLIVA - we study different types of relationships in the lives of children and young people (e.g. violent, conflict-ridden, and abusive relationships as well as supportive, helpful, and developmental relationships) and the different contexts in which these occur.

Our vision is to achieve socially relevant research for the benefit of all children and young people.

As children and young people are involved in several different relationships and interactions that are important for their development and well-being, we apply a so-called holistic perspective that focuses on the underlying processes that can explain the vulnerability or positive development of children and young people from multiple perspectives.

We aim to increase knowledge about how factors at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels are interrelated and promote or hinder the development of young people's self. Our research aims to be at the forefront both theoretically and practically. We want to develop socially relevant knowledge about general and specific relational factors that maintain or prevent risks for children's development, health, and well-being.

Karin Hellfeldt
Björn Johansson