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Post-Victimization Support in Sweden - The Matching between youth's need of support after victimization and the support that is available to them

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Kjerstin Andersson Bruck

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Previous research shows that early victimization can result in psychosocial problems (e.g. criminality, mental health and substance abuse problems) later in life, suggesting that early intervention is needed to prevent these problems. However, knowledge of young peoples' specific needs of support after victimization and how they feel that help and support matched those needs. Therefore, the purpose of the project is to examine the match between young peoples’ specific and varied needs of support and available informal (e.g. family and friends) and formal (such as social services, health care, Victim Support Sweden and others) support. The project consists of two sub-studies: a quantitative and a qualitative study.

The external financing of the project ended in December 2019. Presentation of the results through different scientific publications is ongoing.


Family and Friends: An Important Resource to Receive Psychosocial Support after Victimization as a Youth

Post-victimization support in Sweden: from which organizations can young victims of crime expect to receive psychosocial support?

Victimization, Positioning, and Support: Young Victims' Experiences of Crime


Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority
  • Örebro University