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Serena Bauducco

Position: Researcher School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences

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Room: L2635

Serena Bauducco
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About Serena Bauducco

Serena Bauducco is a researcher in the department of Psychology. She earned her PhD in 2017 with a thesis entitled “Adolescents’ sleep in a 24/7 society: Epidemiology and prevention”. She finished her international postdoc (Vetenskapsrådet) at Flinders university in South Australia in 2023.


Serena’s research focuses on the factors that may exacerbate or improve adolescents’ sleep, the relationship between sleep and mental health, and the potential of school-based interventions to improve not only teenagers´ sleep health but also their mental wellbeing. She is particularly interested in the link between technology use and sleep and how peers and parents may affect both behaviors. In her research, she has used survey studies (including longitudinal, social network analyses), experimental studies, and qualitative/mixed-method studies.


Serena has been primarily teaching the prevention and implementation courses within the Psychology program. She has supervised both Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

Collaborations and Assignments

In addition to collaborations with researchers at Örebro university and other Swedish universities, Serena collaborates with researchers in Australia, Israel, and Norway. She also works closely with schools and her research has been featured in the media.

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