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Interventions to prevent sleep problems in youth: Sleeping well in a modern society

About this project

About this project

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In progress 2012 - 2017


Steven J. Linton

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This is one project in the FORMAS research program (Processes that buffer against youth mental health problems) on the development of health in youth. We are developing various methods for promoting good sleep patterns for youth 13-15 years old based on the factors discovered in our longitudinal study.  These methods are being tested in controlled investigations so that we can evaluate their effectiveness.  In particular we work with habits concerning modern technology (e.g. computers and phones) and the sleep-wake cycle (e.g. bedtimes-getting up times) to enhance sufficient and restorative sleep.


Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Vinnova