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Ulrik Volgsten

Position: Professor School/office: School of Music, Theatre and Art


Phone: +46 19 303895

Room: M3215

Ulrik Volgsten
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About Ulrik Volgsten

The way we can win while coexisting with our opponents is to make them laugh with us

The same principle is at work when an airplane takes off for to take flight, the forces of propulsion and resistance must work together

–Wayne Shorter


Ulrik Volgsten is professor in Musicology. His research is concerned with musical communication in different media. In addition to the conceptual history of Western music (composer, work, listener) and musical aesthetics, an important area of research has been the role of vitality affects in music, which Volgsten has  pioneered and developed in a number of publications since the late 1990s.

Volgsten has partaked in several research projects, both as leader and as participator, among external funders are Vetenskaprådet/The Swedish Research Council, Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond/The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, The Foundation for Biomusicology and Acoustic Ethology, Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council, European Support for Culture/Kaleidoscope Programme, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

Beginning in 2021 Volgsten is leading, together with Benedetta Zucconi, the RJ-funded project ”The past as repeatable presence: How phonography changed music from ephemeral event to ever accessible object (a comparison between Sweden and Italy during the interwar years) ”.

Volgsten teaches at both graduate and post graduate levels. Courses include music history, philosophy and aesthetics of music, culture theory, scientific theory and method.



Forthcoming publications 2023/2024 (for full list, see link below)

  • “Solitary Listening, Copyright and Reification during the Interwar Years: A Discourse Theoretic Approach”. Twentieth Century Music (in press 2024).
  • "Music as Embodied and Emergent: Expanding on a Theme by Joseph Margolis". International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music, 54(1) 2023.


PhD Students

  • Moa Fröding:
  • Jennie Tiderman-Österberg: Kulning: embodiment, empowerment and in-motion - the nomadic multi-layered sonic experience in a plurality of musical realities
  • Samuel Lindlöf: Cultural Diversity in Swedish Music Teacher Education
  • Martin Edin: Fantasy through Combination – Nineteenth-Century Piano Improvisation in the Tradition of Carl Czerny



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