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Preludes and Fermatas: Aspects of Nineteenth Century Piano Improvisation in the Tradition of Carl Czerny and Franz Liszt

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Ulrik Volgsten

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The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate nineteenth-century piano improvisation practice in the tradition of the pianist-composers Carl Czerny and Franz Liszt. Two types of improvisation constitute the focus of attention of the study: preludes and cadenzas. Aspects of this tradition with close connections to pianists, their performances and musical interpretation are examined, and the study aims to produce results that could potentially be valuable to pianists and piano teachers, as well as musicologists. Furthermore, the problems in this area are related to broader questions about the nature of musical scores and musical works, as well as about the essence and teaching of creativity. The findings will increase our understanding of nineteenth-century pianists and piano music.

PhD-student: Martin Edin