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Karin Hedström

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The goal of this study is to lay the foundation for an innovation project aimed at developing and testing methodologies and processes for norm critical development of e-services in municipalities. The aim of this study is therefore to prepare, concretize and organize the upcoming project on norm critical e-service development. Many municipalities and government departments working on development of e-services, often use different user groups, but lack a norm critical perspective and approach. We have very little knowledge of the norms that govern the development of e-services, or the norms which citizens perceive that eservices embody and express. For effective and useful public e-services and to ensure a democratic society where citizens have faith in the society, it is essential that citizens feel included when using public e-services. The study will identify the needs for a norm critical perspective on the development of public e-services based on a citizen as well as public sector perspective. The study is a collaboration between researchers from political science and information systems, as well as municipalities and the company "Verksamhetslyftet". The study will be carried out through four activities: 1) Overview of previous studies, 2) Data collection with the aim of capturing critical approaches and its applications (or lack thereof), 3) Identify partners and clarify roles, participation and co-funding, and 4) Arrange a concluding workshop together with current and future project partners. The study will result in an application for an innovation project on methods and approaches for municipal critical e-service development.

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  • Vinnova