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Karin Hedström

Position: Professor School/office: Örebro University School of Business

Email: a2FyaW4uaGVkc3Ryb207b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 301241

Room: E3116

Karin Hedström

About Karin Hedström

Karin Hedström is Professor of informatics at Örebro University and part of the Center for Empirical Research on Information Systems (CERIS). Karin defended her dissertation in 2004 at Linköping University.


In her research, Karin is interested in how digitalisation is changing society. She is particularly interested in the role of values ​​in the use and design of IT systems. IT systems are developed based on a prioritization of the needs of different stakeholder groups, where the needs of certain groups may be left behind by others. Development of IT systems is thus a matter of knowledge and opportunity for influence. The research on the role of values ​​in the development and use of IT systems means that she studies the effects that priorities in the development process have on the IT-system and the organization. It is also about how users perceive the benefits of an IT system. Her commitment to challenge and change the prevailing approach is a driving force here. Hedström's research is conducted primarily in the areas of information security and digitization in public organisations. The research is about how public organisations use IT for automatic decisions that affect citizens. Here she studies how digitalisation changes the relationship between the public sector and citizens. She is also interested in citizens' attitudes to automatic decision-making. Another research interest is information security. Here she focuses on information security culture and how organizations can work with organizational information security. In her research, Karin has, among other things studied compliance based on the users' work. The third and most recent research theme is how digitalisation is changing the school's work environment. Here she has been particularly interested in the use of social media in schools and how it affects the boundary between work and private life.


Karin is the main supervisor for the following doctoral students:

  • Gomathi Thangavel. whose research is on the use of digital technology to reduce social isolation in relation to the elderly. Gomathi is a doctoral student in the graduate school "Successful aging" (

Collaborations and assignments

  • Karin is chair of the international research group IFIP TC 11 Working Group 1 - Information security & management (
  • Karin is Dean of the Faculty of Business, Science and Engineering (ENT)


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