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MicroSens - Improving the sense of taste by altering oral microbiota

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Jana Jass

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Taste influences our health thought our food choices. It can decline with age, illness and medication so that people lose interest in eating and this influences their health and wellbeing. Different tastes are detected by taste receptors in our tastebuds found on the surface of our tongue. However, we have a complex layer of microbes in our mouth and on the tongue called biofilms. These microbes are adjacent to the taste receptors and metabolize the foods we eat, producing substances that could affect our taste experience. Thus, our taste may be influenced by the oral microbiota.

This project aims to determine if we can alter taste by altering the microbes in the mouth and on the tongue, with the goal of improving taste perception. The project involves a multi-disciplinary group to identify patterns and construct predictive models of oral microbiota to improve the taste experience and encourage healthy eating. This is part of Örebro University’s strategic research initiative “Food and Health”.  

Research study: Modulation of oral microbiota to improve taste perception

“Food and Health”:

News article: Improved taste and appetite with the help of bacteria

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  • Örebro University


  • Alba Cuecas