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CFS - Centre for Feminist Social Studies

Research Group on Visions of Gendered Sustainabilities

This research group studies how sustainability is gendered, with a focus on environment, mobility and security. The group is gathered around the question of how articulations and efforts to achieve sustainability takes gender into consideration and or (re)produce gender relations and gendered (in)equalities.

The research strand studies various political and civil society actors including corporations, various movements, and political parties. Exploring the various attempts by feminist theory to capture the interaction between humans and the environment, the research group contributes to theories of eco-feminism, feminist environmental security studies and feminist institutionalism.

Research under this theme deploys experimental research and innovation to advance a gender equal and socially just EU sustainability agenda and Green Deal; examines (un)sustainable mobilities, including critical considerations of the many ways in which transport technologies are intertwined with the (re)production and contestation of gendered mobility practices; focuses on the damaging effects of automobility and the resistance, activism and other forms of critiques of the current dominant automobility system; and examines the ecological crisis as a form of environmental/slow violence. 


Dag Balkmar

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

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Phone: +46 19 301281

Room: F3256

Dag Balkmar

Maria Jansson

Position: Professor School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Profile page: Maria Jansson

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Phone: +46 19 303764

Room: F3251

Maria Jansson