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Comparative Constitutional Law

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Comparative constitutional law is a flourishing international field of research, involving scholars of constitutional law, public international law, comparative law, human rights and legal theory, just to mention the most relevant areas at the intersection of which research in comparative constitutional law is carried out. Research in this field at Örebro University focuses on judicial review, constitutional reasoning, judicial decision-making, judicial appointments, and constitutionalism in specific regions, such as the Nordic countries and East-Central Europe. Constitutional aspects of EU law and research carried out in that field is also a relevant part of comparative constitutional law.

The research team has many international collaborations in and outside Europe. It consists of some 6-10 scholars with different profiles. A number of important conferences leading to book publications have been organized since 2004. 

Books published after scientific legal conferences in Örebro:

S. Griller/E. Lentsch (eds.), EMU Integration and Member States’ Constitutions, London (Bloomsbury) 2021, 728 pages, based on a conference held in September 2018 

Nergelius/E. Kristoffersson (eds.), Human Rights in Contemporary European Law, Swedish Studies in European Law Volume 6, Oxford (Hart) 2014 and in paperback 2017, 223 pages, based on a conference held in October 2011 

Nergelius/ A. Bakardjieva-Engelbrekt (eds.), New Directions in Comparative Law, Edward Elgar, London 2010, 304 pages, based on a conference held in May 2007 

Nergelius (ed.) Nordic and other European Constitutional Traditions, Brill (Leiden) 2006, 176 pages, based on a conference held in March 2004

Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences