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SAAPHO - Secure Active Aging: Participation and Health for the Old

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Amy Loutfi

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Challenges to improve quality of life of seniors involve the maintenance of their autonomy and independence. Active Ageing refers to this improvement that promotes healthcare, participation and security.

The main objective of SAAPHO is to support Active Ageing by assisting seniors to participate in the self-serve society preserving and enhancing independence and dignity through the application of innovative ICT-based solutions. The system proposed here is, therefore, focused on boosting accessibility to a diverse number of healthcare, participation and security services by means of easy-to-use and easy-to-configure user interfaces. Thus, according to these three main axes of Active Ageing, the services provided are focused on offering intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly tools using afixed tactile screen and mobile devices that will allow and facilitate the access to the following:

  • Healthcare services: medication management and promotion of healthy habits and practises
  • Participation services: customised access to communication tools to talk, share pictures and play with their relatives, friends, caregivers, etc.
  • Security services: monitoring of user‟s home elements (gas, fire, CO, temperature, presence, etc.), for the environment to assist the user in feeling sound and safe.

In order to effectively design and apply these tools, the end-user involvement during the design and testing processes along the project is considered crucial. The system‟s assessment consists of the influence of the services impact in terms of their significance on improving the capacity of seniors to independently manage daily life tasks as well as the suitability of the user interface. The number of technological tools already available by the project‟s consortium and the openness, flexibility, context-awareness, and adaptability of the core framework and components reinforce the capability of fulfilling the final purpose of the project which is to bring the idea to market.


Research funding bodies

  • EU AAL - Active and Assisted Living Programme
  • Vinnova