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Exposure to particles and biomarkers of inflammatory responses in workers in pulp and paper industry

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disease in workers in the pulp and paper industry. Exposure to fine particulate air pollution, through stimulation of the inflammatory response, in particular through increased levels of interleukin-6, CRP and fibrinogen in the blood, contribute to the found excess risk.


  • The purpose is to describe the exposure to airborne particles in the Swedish pulp and paper industry and to relate this exposure to inflammatory markers in the blood that can increase the risk of myocardial infarction or other diseases.
  • We will identify the particle density and composition of the air in the workplace: this will be done both by stationary samplers as well as person-borne devices while samples are taken from the workers carrying them.
  • In our samples from particle-exposed individuals, we will measure interleukin-6, CRP, fibrinogen and D- dimer in plasma as well as uric acid in serum and nasal lavage. Through this, we can confidently link the laboratory findings from these individuals with the air they breathed.
  • The study highlights the risk of cardiovascular morbidity due to particle exposure in the Swedish pulp and paper industry where excess risk of cardiovascular disease has been described.
  • The results are communicated to the pulp industry where excess risk of cardiovascular disease have been described, participating companies, company health facilities, unions and trade associations.