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Building pervasive participation (b-Part)

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“Building pervasive participation” is funded by Formas as part of Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. Joint Programming is an instrument established in 2008 by the European Commission to strengthen research and innovation by having European countries voluntarily work together and pool national research efforts. JPI UE addresses the entire urban field. It aims to make better use of European public Research, Development & Innovation resources and to tackle common European urban challenges more effectively.

This project specifically addresses the challenge of engaging citizens in public policymaking and planning, which is considered key for sustainable urban development. In a three year effort, democratic innovations are developed, tested and evaluated by an interdisciplinary (political science, sociology and informatics) and international (Sweden, Finland and Austria) research team. The focus is on novel concepts and solutions for e-participation, utilizing the latest mobile device technology and appliances embedded in today’s urban environments.