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Citizen Centric e-Participation (CiCeP)

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The project aimed to establish a network connecting state actors, academia and market participants in the Nordic-Baltic region focused on new Internet-based forms of political participation (eParticipation). Through joint research and development actions the network has strived to foster a greater understanding of the cultural, political and technological opportunities and challenges surrounding e-participation. The network partners have applied new to significantly improve a specific method for e-participation, e-petition system. Empirical studies have been conducted on a variety of e-participation processes, such as various local e-petitioning systems in Sweden, Better Reykjavik and the Estonian Citizens' Assembly. Through comparative studies of these processes, the project contributes to increasing the understanding of how contextual factors affecting e-participation processes and creates a basis for the development of new methods of political participation. The project is funded by Vinnova, the NRB and RANNIS.


Research funding bodies

  • NordForsk
  • Rannis
  • Vinnova