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Evaluation of collaboration on children at risk: a longitudinal evaluation study

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The project has its background in the Government mandate on "Collaboration between Schools, Police, Social Services and Child and Youth Psychiatry" (Government Decision U2006/5879/S). The project aims to follow up on the collaboration process between the four parties in approximately 90 collaboration projects over a five-year–period. Within the framework of the initiative the collaboration projects throughout Sweden received financial and process support between 2007 and 2009 to establish and develop their collaboration on the target group children at risk of suffering. The collaborative process at the time were evaluated by Berth Danermark, Ulrika Englund and Per Germundsson. Starting in 2014 the same research group – the Group of Collaboration Studies – will return to the same (former) projects to follow up on the progress and development of the collaboration since the initiative ended in 2009. Additionally the project aims to explore generative mechanisms that have played a decisive role in the development of the specific collaboration.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Institute For Disability Research