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Female Genital Mutilation: Girls at Risk in the EU

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This project, funded by EIGE, develops a method and methodological approach to estimate the number of girls at risk of female genital mutilation in the EU and to explore how and why attitudes to FGM change: why do people change their attitudes from endorsing to condoning to condemning FGM? The methodological approach includes a quantitative and qualitative component, and will be pilot tested in Ireland, Portugal and Sweden. The quantitative data used in the FGM risk estimations are derived from the respective national census in order to allow comparability of data across countries. The qualitative component comprises focus group discussions.

Project leader
Dr Lut Mergaert, Yellow Window, Brussels

Sofia Strid (Sweden), Catarina Arnaut (Portugal), Els Leye (Belgium), Siobhán O’Brien Green (Ireland), Marja Exterkate (the Netherlands)

Research subjects
Political Science, Sociology, Law, Demographics


Research funding bodies

  • The European Gender Equality Institute (EIGE)