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Theoretical nanoplasmonics

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Peter Johansson

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The project focuses on electromagnetic theory and calculations for applications on nanoplasmonic and nanooptic systems, that is systems whose geometrical dimensions can be measured in nanometers (nm) and thus typically have a size smaller than, or comparable to, the wavelength of visible light (which ranges between 400 and 800 nm). These systems have applications in a number of spectroscopic techniques, for example, surface-enhanced Raman scattering and surface-enhanced fluorescence, biochemical sensing, optical communication and optical manipulation of small objects. The work is theoretical but is carried out in close collaboration with experimental physicists, primarily at Chalmers. The research employs analytical and numerical theoretical methods, such as Mie theory and Green's function methods, to calculate physical quantities of relevance for the experimental studies: electric and magnetic fields, scattering properties, and optical forces, to mention a few.


Research teams

Research funding bodies

  • Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW)
  • The Magnus Bergvall Foundation
  • Swedish Research Council