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What about Equivalence? Studies in the Use of Language in Educational Policy

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Tomas Englund

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Final report in Swedish 2008(Book at Daidalos). Members form Education and democracy: Andreas Bergh, Guadalupe Francia, Lazaro Moreno Herrera, Maria Olson, Ann Quennerstedt, Ninni Wahlström). International contributions by Englund in Journal of Education Policy 20(1) and Englund & Quennerstedt in Journal of Curriculum Studies 40(1). International follow ups on the theme during the evaluation period of ORU2015: Tomas Englund: The general school system as a universal or a particular institution and its role in the formation of social capital. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 53(1) 17-33.Tomas Englund: The linguistic turn within curriculum theory. Pedagogy, Culture & Society 19(2) 193-206.

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  • Swedish Research Council


  • Guadalupe Francia
  • Lazaro Moreno Herrera
  • Maria Olsson