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Children's views on child poverty in Örebro municipality

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Kjerstin Andersson Bruck

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Since 2013 Örebro municipality has an action plan to work against child poverty, where the goal is to halve the proportion of children living in economically vulnerable households by 2020. As part of this process a research study is carried out in 2015 in collaboration with the University of Örebro on children's and adolescents' experiences of and opinions on poverty.

The study examines what children and adolescents think the municipality should do to reduce child poverty and how the municipality can support children living in poverty and economic deprivation. In the study children and young people are interviewed about what they think poverty is, what you can do in limited budget, etc. The study includes children and adolescents aged 10-18 years. The interviews are so called focus group interviews and takes place in school and leisure environments. The interviews are compiled in a report to the municipality.

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro Municipality