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A web-based intervention to improving the care o children in relation to tonsil surgery

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Elisabeth Ericsson

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Tonsillectomy leads to a very obvious risk for painful experiences for children during the postoperative recovery time. Today tonsil surgery is done either as a day case surgery or as an in-patient operation (approx. 24h care). The responsibility for pain management sits primarily the caregivers. Both caregivers and children have expressed the need for education and support that extends longer into the recovery period. As children’s anxiety are related to postoperative pain, education and information provision for children may improve postoperative pain experiences. The Swedish National Tonsil Surgery register data showed that a large proportion of patients operated with tonsillectomy (26%) or tonsillotomy (7%) have had unplanned contact with the healthcare after surgery. Improved patient information might decrease this need for postoperative consultations demonstrated the necessity for better evidence based information for tonsil surgery. A national web-based information to patients (adults and children) and next-of-kin has been developed ( to improve the care and launched in May 2012. The information on this website has been created from a systematic review of information material from all ENT clinics, literature studies and interviews with children undergoing tonsil surgery (and their parents). On this website, there is information aimed at children, including a story with a narrator and illustrations, as well as information for caregivers and adult patients. A new feature 2014 is on pharmacological treatment and possibility to calculate the correct dose of non-prescription drugs for next-of-kin, based on online guidelines.

The main aim of this project is to evaluate whether the web-based information for patients undergoing tonsil surgery improves quality care and provides facilitating tools for patients, relatives as well as caregivers. The studies in the project have both quantitative and qualitative approach.The researcher have different professional background as Nurse Anesthetist, ENT-physicians Anesthesiologist, Pain-specialist. The research is based on a close collaboration with the reference group for tonsil surgery in the Swedish Tonsil Surgery Register.