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Interactive Racism in Swedish Online Media, Press and Politics: Discourses on Immigration and Refugees at Times of Crisis

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The overall aim of this research project is to analyse how contemporary racism and xenophobia are moulded in public, including online, discourses on immigration and refugees. As its central object of research, the project will look into how and why racist views become particularly widespread in Sweden at times of socio-political “crises” and how online racism interacts thereby with migration-related opinion journalism and discourses of political actors. Adopting a critical approach, the project establishes how “interactive racism” is shaped in dialogic interaction between citizens, press /opinion leaders and politicians, and how it contributes to a social climate in which elements of racist discourses are becoming increasingly visible. As such, the project breaks new ground as it sets the focus on how racist discourses are shaped in an ongoing interaction across various social fields, and how this interaction facilitates the spread and recontextualisation of racist views as well as 'discursive shifts' related to topics of immigration, immigrants and refugees.


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  • Swedish Research Council