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Media and Communication Studies


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Peter Berglez

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

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The Media & Communications Department at Örebro University contributes to developing the national and international research fronts in innovative and creative ways. The research subject has three sub-groups representing different themes: Discourse, Communication and Media, Moving Images and Screen Cultures, and Strategic Communication. Research in the sub-groups comprises a variety of areas that have a common interest in cross-disciplinary and critical approaches. By applying a multitude of theories and methods, different types of communicative and mediated practices and phenomena are explored both in local and global contexts. The forms and conditions of mediated communication and their impact on societal changes are central issues of investigation. The subject consists of an international group of researchers and Ph.D. students from different parts of the world which enrichens our perspectives and approaches. Collaborations with other researchers and milieus are integral parts of the subject’s research work, as well as collaborations with organizations and institutions outside of academia. 

The research group Discourse, Communication and Media (DCM) focuses on critical, multimodal discourse studies, analyses of talk, and journalistic studies with a global perspective. Studies explore various forms of communication in contemporary journalism, politics, popular culture, and society that take place on a variety of media platforms. Moving Images and Screen Cultures (MISC) hosts researchers from various strands of film studies and media studies and is characterized by both theoretical and methodological breadth. Research expands over historic and ethnographic studies of film culture to explorations of transmedia storytelling and studies of film as thought/theory/philosophy. Research within Strategic Communication (SCOM) revolves around how the modern media landscape impacts on the development of strategic communication and its audiences/target groups. Researchers’ interests include strategic communication within the corporate, government authority and political spheres.

Completed projects

New Publications

Nilsson, J. (2023). Inculcative Address, Commercial Worldbuilding, and Transmedia Economy in the Children’s Franchise Bamse. Popular Communication, 21(3–4), 171–184.
Link to article in Taylor & Francis Online

Kroon, Å. (2023). Welcome Inside The Casino Cottage: Challenging the Notions of “Risk” in Online Casino Advertising through a Context-Attentive Discourse Analysis of a Swedish Brand’s Ad Videos from 2014-2022. Critical Gambling Studies, 4 (1), 38-52. Link to article in DIVA

Nilsson, Jakob (2023), Cinecepts, Deleuze, and Godard-Miéville. Developing Philosophy through Audiovisual Media. Edinburgh University Press.

Nilsson, Jakob (2023). “A Planetary Whole for the Alienated. John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea Through Jameson and Deleuze”. In: Bolton, L., Martin-Jones, D., Sinnerbrink, R. (eds). Contemporary Screen Ethics: Absences, Identities, Belonging, Looking Anew. Edinburgh University Press.

Berglez, P. Hedenmo, O. (2023) “The mediatedness of interorganizational collaboration. How collaboration materializes through affordances, chains, and switches”, Organization. Link to article in Sage Journals

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Kroon, Åsa. (2021). "Moderate” gendering in Swedish gambling advertisements. Feminist Media Studies. Link to article in Taylor & Frances Online

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