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The analog bulletin board: A citizen science project

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Anders Björkvall

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Analog bulletin boards are omnipresent in Swedish urban areas, yet little systematic knowledge about this communication medium exists. In the shadow of the rapid emergence of digital media the analog bulletin board has received less attention than its digital successors, many of them having incorporated similar functionality with novel technical solutions. In this project we used a citizen science method to collect 1167 messages from bulletin boards around Sweden aided by school children and teachers, with the purpose of shedding new light on what is communicated on the boards, by whom, using what types of technologies and in what way the messages refer to other media.


Research funding bodies

  • EU Horizon 2020
  • Örebro University


  • Andreas Nord, Göteborg universitet
  • Christopher Kullenberg, Göteborg universitet
  • Fredrik Brounéus, Vetenskap & Allmänhet
  • Gustav Westberg, Stockholms universitet
  • Helle Lykke Nielsen, Göteborg universitet
  • Johan Järlehed, Göteborg universitet
  • Sara Van Meerbergen, Stockholms universitet
  • Tove Rosendal, Göteborg universitet