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Parenting of adolescents' Internet use

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Terese Glatz

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The purpose of this project is to know more about how parents think about their parenting role in general, and specifically about their adolescents’ Internet use. In this project, we are interested in examining how parents view their abilities to influence their adolescents’ behaviors, in general and concerning their adolescents’ Internet use, and whether this is associated with the kinds of practices that they use. Data has been collected from 1000 parents of children ages 11 to 18. This is a nation-wide sample collected in the USA, which is representative concerning parents' gender and ethnicity.


Glatz, T., Crowe, E., & Buchanan, C. M. (2018). Internet-specific parental self-efficacy: Developmental differences and links to Internet-specific mediation. Computers in Human Behavior, 84, 8-17. doi: 10.1016/j.chb.2018.02.014


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  • Swedish Research Council