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A digital index for evaluating and developing digitalisation in the public sector

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In progress 2018 - 2023


Annika Andersson

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This PhD-research is in the field of e-government and in collaboration with a government agency. From a general perspective the research-project deals with questions on how to use different methods and models for evaluating and measuring digitalisation in the public sector. More in particular, the research looks at the stages of designing, implementing and using a digital index. The purpose of the digital index is to define, evaluate, learn from and develop e-government in the case of a government agency in Sweden. The purpose of the research is to contribute to research on e-government and questions on how to create an environment in order help leaders and public officials critically engage with the opportunities as well as pitfalls of using digital technologies in public administration. The PhD-research is done in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Agency, which means that the PhD-student is employed by this agency, and conducts the research within the academic frame-work and context of Örebro university.


  • Transportstyrelsen